Steps of Faith Compilation “My Feet Keep Moving Still”

Not too long after my accident I met this guy named Billy. Billy is an above knee amputee and kind of a rock-star drummer. He makes being an amputee look cool.

After a while Billy and I started to become friends and we started to dream about how we could help other people who had also lost a limb. Billy runs a Non-Profit called Steps of Faith. Steps of Faith provides the type of support that amputees might need after the loss of a limb.

Just a few months ago Billy and I asked 27 of our artist friends (And some of their friends…) to give a song for a compilation that we would eventually give away to raise money for people who could not afford a prosthetic.

And well…the compilation is out! You can download this sweet album and all of the “tips” will go to buying a prosthetic leg (or arm) to someone in need.

This is a big deal for me personally because it means that I get the privilege of helping others in my same situation. Losing a limb is really hard even with support. Without emotional, financial, and spiritual support, it could feel impossible. This is the chance to provide those going through tragic times with the support they need.

Check it out here, and please consider leaving a tip. It could literally be the reason that someone walks again. And well, that is no small deal.

PS- Check out what Steps of Faith is doing here.