Personal Update

My friends-

I usually try and update and post on only about music. Sometimes, though, your musical and personal life become so intertwined that you don’t know the difference. Well, maybe not always. Nonetheless, I have had a major event in my life that effects all parts. And because you are all my friends, I wanted to give word, via my website about what has happened.

Saturday June 15, 2014 I was involved in a major Jet Ski accident and had a serious injury to my left leg. I recently had surgery, and am now recovering at my parent’s home in Kentucky for the next three weeks before I head back to my home in Nashville.

I have felt so much love through emails, phone calls, and texts from a lot of you guys. They haven’t stopped! While I am so encouraged by so many people reaching out by phone, it has become a little overwhelming. I would so so love to hear from you. Seriously.

You can still email me at

Any cards can be sent to 4036 Hidden Creek Dr. Henderson KY 42420.

The best place to hear updates from me would be to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

I am feel really strong and encouraged right now.  I’m inspired by other’s stories and the love they have shown in food, laughter, prayer, and support.

A lot of people have asked me about helping. Some amazing friends of mine created a gofundme page. This is basically where people can go and donate money. Any time you have a major surgery like this, there’s a lot of cost. My hope is that my family would not feel this burden. So, that’s what the gofundme is for. Please feel no pressure, but if you have already emailed me asking where you can send money, or how you can help, check out