On June 14, 2014 My life changed…

On June 14, 2014 my life changed. I was in an jet ski accident that left me without my left foot. I later had to have more of my leg amputated so that I could be fitted for a prosthetic leg. My journey has more than taken a turn. Things that I thought were important before, are not that important anymore. Things I cared about before, I don’t care about as much now. I haven’t thought about what that person thinks of me in 2 months. Life is all of a sudden incredibly fragile.The emotional journey of life is a dichotomy. I have felt the most sadness I have ever felt, but also been the most thankful I have ever been. It is an ever spinning wheel of emotion. The good with the bad, the sad with the happy, the small things inside the big picture.

Not only is my physical appearance different, but I am different now. I never thought I would have to walk through (no punn intended there, i’m so sorry for my sick sense of humor) something like this. It has been really difficult, and the story, it seems, is just beginning. I don’t have enough page to describe to you in all the ways that I see the world differently now, but this blog will hopefully do the job of giving it a shot.