Some people, friends, musicians and organizations that I support. Take a look.

Dave Barnes – one of my favorite people of all time.
Matt Wertz – a ninja.
Andrew Ripp – will name my first child after him.
Seth Philpott – once did 20 push ups with me on his back.
Drew & Elly Holcomb – The greatest of all.
Steve Moakler – I call him “priest” because of how good of a man he is.
Ben Rector – Will soon dominate the world.
Jenny & Tyler – some of the nicest people i have ever met.
Young Life –
Pancake Pantry – come to nashville and i will take you here.
Living Water – Good people, doing good things.
Chris Rice – There’s too much to be said about this guy. he’s a jedi master of all things.
Mark Wagner – A beautiful man.
Ryan Long – A saint.
Ryan Horne – A good good man.
Stevie Griffin Designs – Can do anything. But will you up a design faster than you can say “amen.”
Jon Dicus Designs – Killer designer.
The Music Bed – Some innovative guys, trying to help musician people.