Jake Ousley is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. And you are going to love him, if you don’t already. Sure, it’s his voice and songwriting that got you here. Because his songs pull at you like the feeling you get when you pull up to your house from being gone too long, or when you have a good night with great friends. That kind of sentiment in his songwriting is what got him here. But it’s also the talent and the time and the way he glides words up to music and makes them dance together.

Jake didn’t start out on the stage. He attended college at Belmont University and through a series of nice-to-meet-ya’s, Jake ended up being friends with Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz, two local musicians. Dave and Matt headed out to tour and play shows across the country and they grabbed Jake by the collar and threw him in the van…

As a tour manager.

Out of his element, and admittedly out of his skill set, Jake worked hard, got the job done, and lived out on the road with those musicians. Performing wasn’t on Jake’s radar- he wasn’t out on the road as a step towards a career. He wrote songs every now and then, but never did he plan on following in the footsteps of the guys he was out on the road with.

When his touring season ended, Jake left Nashville and to some extent, left the idea of being a songwriter. Spending some time away from Nashville though, ended up being exactly what brought Jake back.

Jake moved to Michigan in 2008, taking a job in youth ministry. Out of the pressure of a songwriter-saturated town, Jake’s writing changed shape. It became a place of rest, a place of release. Jake wrote out of his heart, from what he knows, and the songs were good. People took notice. Young Life Camps began to bring Jake out for concerts. Spending the summer at Wilderness Ranch, he saw first hand how people responded positively to his music.

Some of Jake’s biggest fans are other musicians- Seth Philpott, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes. And towards the end of his time in Michigan all of his friends said the same thing- come back to Nashville. Make music.

“Jake has been a dear friend for a long long time, so when he told me he had started to write and sing i didn’t know if he was joking or not. But it’s no joke, my friends. His songs get stuck in my head, as much, if not more than some of my favorite artists out there. He has the unique gift of having a voice that perfectly suits his songs, both of which I LOVE.”

– Dave Barnes

“Jake Ousley sings with an earnestness and longing that draw me in every time. His songs, like Jake, draw from a deep well that is instantly endearing and relatable- you’re gonna love him!”

– Matt Wertz

So here he is. Living in Nashville as a singer/songwriter. Making good music. Writing new songs. Spending hours at the piano or with his guitar. With an EP coming on in early 2010, and a spring tour taking off in February Jake has found success. Because to him, success is this. Right here. Today. Playing music for you.

And this is only the beginning.